1 Scratch Comunity, coding to learn

rogramamos/scratch-community-coding-to-learn-education-3-0″ target=»_blank»>Scratch community coding to learn – Education 3 0 from Programamos


2 Join the Scratch community



3 Can you make the Scratch cat do something surprising?


  • Go to the Scratch website
  • Sign into your account
  • Click on the «Create» tab located at the top left of the browser to start a new proyect.
  • Time to explore! Try clicking on different parts of the Scratch interface to see what happens.
  • Play with different Scratch blocks! Drag and drop Scratch blocks into the scripting area. Experiment by clicking on each block to see what they do or try snapping blocks together.

Share your project with us!


4 Create a videogame

Do you want to see inside? Click me!